niedziela, 17 października 2010

Dance with us!

 It is high time for the official invitation to all of you to the HOME PARTY that we organize in Kraków. 
The event will be the final point of our project – we'll tell you all about the idea of the journey: how the crazy idea came to our minds, what we discovered on the way, and why we decided to take the challenge. We hope to surprise you with videos, recordings, pictures and... correspondences which you haven't seen yet. And we look forward to a great party with you afterwards!
The HOME PARTY starts with the exhibition and interactive projections on Friday 29th this month at 8PM in Pauza Club on 18 Floriańska street in Kraków. The entrance is not completely free... We want everyone to become a part of the project, so to come along you have to bring a picture or a ticket from your own trip which you did this summer. All of them will become a special part of the exhibition in Pauza! 

Once again, we would like to thank designer Nina - who made the poster; and Dominika (Fanaberie Dizajn) - who made our business cards:
 + Thanks to Marcin  (BELLE TETTE) for the photo-shoot we made before the trip!

See you soon, lovers!

sobota, 16 października 2010

What do you know about Spain?

Oh, Gosh..! Preparing this part of sounds from Radiofonia made us smiling the whole time.
The fifth episode comes from our favorite Kingdom of Spain - Catalonia.  
Let us say just 4 words: we wanna be back! And few more: thank you, Lluis and Adria! 

czwartek, 7 października 2010

„My home is your home!”

The forth part of our records for Radiofonia was done mainly in the South of France – in Provence. We had met there very friendly people who really wanted to show us France by night. We were drinking with them French wine in Antibes, Aix en Provence and Marseille. But after few days we had to move further to Spain. It's how we met Adria – our host and guide of the next story which started on the motorway in direction towards Barcelona...

piątek, 24 września 2010

“Donald Duck from the street of...”

Preparing this part of sounds was a pure pleasure, because memories from colorful Genoa consist of sun bathing, swimming in the warm water, eating juicy fruits and fresh pesto. You can listen to funny story of our host Fede or rather... Paolino Paperino. And Californian girls talking about Italian bodies :) Oh, how wonderful it is to be a reporter!

sobota, 18 września 2010

"Just... merry me!"

Our second record for Radofonia is quite a mixture of different experience. You will find there some suprising parts recoreded in English as well - for instance an unexpected confession about Agnieszka and... white camels.

Our camera was discharged in that time for a while, so we didn't manage to take pictures of all that moments, but we did our best to illustrate all for you. Here you go: 

niedziela, 12 września 2010

How does the KNEDLIK sound?

Rain, gray sky and cold – Polish autumn already came. To make it easier to survive – for you and for us also – we are starting to remain some of the best and sunniest sounds of our journey. For those, who didn’t have a chance to listen to our auditions emitted in Radiofonia, it'll be the opportunity to check it now. From now on in every few days we will present you a new dose of sounds – talks, cars, sea waves, summer breeze and more :) (in some parts of the audition the main language we use is Polish, in the other English – it depends, so just check it out).

And now – sounds from our first 3 days of traveling: motorway, Prague and Czech KNEDLIKs... 
Listen to it here:

wtorek, 7 września 2010

The magic of the silver screen...

So, it happened - we experienced how huge TV works from inside and we LOVED it. We came to Warsow during last Friday night and on Saturday morning we had shoots for Dzień Dobry TVN (click to watch)
The atmosphere in studio was more than nice, it's why our stress disapeared quite easly. The whole shooting was very exciting, but definitely too short. We regret a lot that questions concentrated mostly on hitch-hiking and we didn't have much chance to say how wonderful experience it was to meet all the people and finding homes around Europe. We got out from the stage with the feeling of deficiency - wanted going back and continuing talk about our story. But we know already how Warsaw looks from the top of the TVN building – Jan, the production assistant, was so nice and took us there secretly ;) Believe us - it was worth to climb!
Everything what hasn't been told during the show, will be said for sure during the event we are going to organize. We started our cooperation with great club, cinema and gallery in Kraków called Pauza. Don't want to sell you too much information now, but just keep in mind that you will have the chance to feel our journey as much as possible - through videos, stories, photos and music. We will also try to answer the question: "Where is the home?" and we would be really glad to do it with you. More details are coming soon!